What do I do with the wheel of the road car?

Wheel of the road car

The wheel of a road car is one of the most important components of the vehicle. It is responsible for steering the car, and ultimately, ensuring that the driver and passengers arrive at their destination safely. While it may seem like a simple task, driving a car requires skill and knowledge of how to operate the wheel. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the wheel of a road car and how to use it properly.

The first thing to understand about the wheel of a road car is how it works. The wheel is connected to a steering column, which is attached to the car’s chassis. When the driver turns the wheel, it rotates the steering column, which in turn, moves the car’s wheels to the left or right. The amount of turn on the wheel determines the angle of the wheels and, therefore, the direction in which the car travels.

To use the wheel properly, a driver must first sit in the correct position. The driver’s seat should be adjusted so that the driver can reach the pedals comfortably and can see over the dashboard. The driver’s hands should be placed at the “10 o’clock” and “2 o’clock” positions on the wheel, with the thumbs resting lightly on the rim. This hand position provides the driver with the best grip and control over the wheel.

When driving on a straight road, the driver should keep both hands on the wheel and maintain a relaxed grip. This will allow the driver to make small adjustments to the steering, as necessary, without overcorrecting. Overcorrecting can cause the car to swerve and potentially lose control.

When turning a corner, the driver should begin by slowing down and then turning the wheel in the direction of the turn. The amount of turn required will depend on the severity of the turn and the speed of the car. As the car begins to turn, the driver should adjust the wheel to maintain a smooth and steady turn. If the car starts to slide or drift, the driver should gently steer in the opposite direction to correct the car’s path.

When changing lanes or making a sharp turn, the driver should use their turn signal to indicate their intention to other drivers. This will allow other drivers to anticipate the movement and adjust their driving accordingly. The driver should also check their mirrors and blind spots before making the turn to ensure that no other cars or pedestrians are in the way.

Another important aspect of using the wheel of a road car is knowing how to respond in emergency situations. If the car begins to skid, the driver should not brake or accelerate but instead, turn the wheel in the direction of the skid. This will help the car regain traction and prevent a potential accident. If a tire blows out or the car experiences a sudden loss of control, the driver should firmly grip the wheel and steer in the direction of the road. It is important to remain calm and avoid overreacting, as this can make the situation worse.


The wheel of a road car is a crucial component that requires skill and knowledge to operate properly. By following these tips, drivers can improve their control and ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. Remember to always maintain a relaxed grip on the wheel, use turn signals when necessary, and respond appropriately in emergency situations. Safe driving!

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